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Various finishing techniques can be applied to prototypes regardless of the prototyping method (SLS, SLA, vacuum casting) used when producing them. Smoothing and painting are the most common finishing techniques.

Additional services

Our qualified personnel with 20 years of experience in prototyping can offer additional services and in-house expertise to simulate the final product. We at SB3 can suggest following painting methods; high gloss, matt, satin, or multicolour painting to achieve the desired colour precision and sharpness.

Finishing techniques

In order to create contrast and dimension, prototypes can be finished with various techniques such as opaque, metallic or soft touch for smooth surface finish. Text and symbols can be added to achieve characteristics of a final design.

Specific tasks

SB3 has developed long term partnerships with a number of its subcontractors to perform specific tasks as a part of finishing services. Our subcontractors can offer specialized knowledge to meet customers’ specific needs when giving the prototype a finishing touch.

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